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Welcome to my website! My name is Mark Kerrin and I am a consultant, a writer, a recorder of life, a Warrior Poet, a Quiet Knight.  Experiences and multidiscipline cover a period of 40 years in electronics, surveillance, and protection, with ESP.  These journeys reveal the power of God, when Jesus carries you. I hope these stories help to inspire.

Once called by a British Ambassador, Rosa Park's Knight, then others would say a Quiet Knight, I like to say GOD's Quiet Knight.  My daughter inspired me when she wrote, "As a former Bodyguard, Law Enforcer, Intelligence Agent, Surveillance Expert, Pilot, Diver, and known as one of the world's most..." to place at the bottom of the cover page after merging two images, The Lady and her Knight. If you have ever served on the force, became a LEO, you are given the power to serve what's right, you are God's Knights.  If you have journeyed to become a Warrior Poet, continue.  For you too will know when you become, one of GOD's Quiet Knights. These journeys are true stories, how Jesus, my God, carried me, leaving only his footprints in the sands of life, in times of trouble is when he carry's you. Enjoy, and pass your stories of God on. 



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A Quiet Knight for Rosa Parks, met many fellow knights, fellow warrior poets, along the journey.  The chronicles start with the Journey of a scared ittle boy, running from, hiding from, darkness, a black hole, the dark of night, searching for God.

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God's Quiet Knight wore his armor and stood against all evil. 

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The Book, Quiet Little Knights for Rosa Parks, speaks to the children of today to lead  those to come tomorrow.Amazing what children believe and fill thrill over a woman, small, frail who changed the world.

2 days ago

My Lady of Peace, Reflections, depict a phot journey of Rosa Parks' historic funeral. From Montgomery, Alabama, Washington D.C., and Detroit, Michigan. These are the images of important events from the last 11 years of Rosa Parks life (1994-2005).

2 days ago

IA Warrior's Poet tribute, inspired by the real life of Rosa Parks.

The story of a little boy growing up lost, seeing a black hole in darkness ever since his father died.

Writing his story, his life looking at two tiny Robin eggs, wonder, in awe, then he breaks one, terror. 

Prayer, what does it trully mean in the mind of a child?

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IT- Integrated Systems

IT, EF Certified, Life Safety Inspections

RISK, Threat Assessment

Risk, Threat Analysis

Executive Protection

Executive, Celebrities, Dignitary

Training K Firearms

What really works, at home, work, in your car, traveling.


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